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Wednesday, 28 Juny

The importance of having a healthy home before letting it for holidays

At Portvil, the holiday rental specialists, we are aware that there are many factors which can make your home more attractive and more liveable. The hygienic conditions of a property should always be the most important factor when renting your property, given that, if you’re not comfortable in your own home, where will you be? That is why from Portvil and our experience in holiday rentals in Mallorca we want to give you a few tips to have in mind when keeping your home clean and ready to live in.

Your holiday rental property in Mallorca, clean and ready

Houses are also organisms. The World Health Organisation encourages us to stay active and healthy, so why don’t we do it to our homes? At the end of the day, our health can be affected by what state our home is in. More than 10% of Spanish citizens live with leaks, damp or in bad conditions, it happens during the extreme summer and winter months. The bad health of a building or property can cause respiratory problems, allergies or even illnesses. And the majority of the time we are in an enclosed space, and its hygienic conditions affect ours.

Analysing our home

To begin to analyse and combat the weaknesses of our home, you have to check its health. This term is centred on the air quality within the property, its protection against damp, waste management or the water supply and heating. An analysis of these characteristics will offer us a general valuation of the health of our home and if it is prepared to be let for holidays.

The lungs of a holiday home

It may seem a lie, but in reality ventilation systems are more delicate than ever before. With thermic insulation and sounds and the added aid of windows, damp and recycled bad air can easily appear. Just as our lungs need fresh air, holiday rental properties need it just as much we do. The accumulation of damp and badly ventilated conditions can cause the appearance of fungus and dangerous organisms for our health.

Be prepared and you can avoid severe problems

Every detail matters, given that any small detail can aggravate a situation. It is important to have in mind all of the aspects which make up the health of our holiday rental property, much like we would go to a doctor if we have an ache or pain, keep your home healthy. In this sense, we will save ourselves from colds, stuffed up noses, discomforts, and various nuisances. To us and to our clients. 

It’s better to prevent than to cure, and at Portvil, the holiday rental specialists, have this factor in mind. To test the healthiness of our property and to confront the problems when they are easy to fix can allow us to avoid future head aches and guarantee that the property is fit to be rented for holiday lets. The most important thing is our health and that of our guests.

Rent your holiday property with us in Mallorca

We would be extremely happy for you to rent your holiday property with us. At Portvil we look for villa rentals in Pollensa and all of Mallorca with guaranteed contracts or by occupation. If you have a villa or a house in Mallorca and you would like to rent it for holiday lets, at Portvil we can take care of everything. Take a look at all the services that we offer, you won’t regret it!


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