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Tuesday, 29 May

How to prepare your property in an optimum way for it to be a holiday rental in Mallorca

Summer is approaching and inevitably we cant forget that it‘s time to get our holiday rental properties ready for the season. A property thats well equipped is an advantage when getting the attention of our clients. If we suit your needs, do not hesitate to get in touch and show your interest in renting your holiday property this summer. From Portvil, your holiday rental specialists in Mallorca, we are going to give you some tips that can help you to prepare for the season and quickly rank between the properties which have the best let prices and conditions. It’s very simple, we will explain it all in continuation.

Ensure your property is prepared for summer

Summer, in general terms means, heat. To have a property that’s fully equipped is fundamental for the comfort of our clients. That’s why, having a villa on the island with no air conditioning in summer means setting yourself up for clients to quickly flee. Statistically, properties with air conditioning are in high demand alongside those which don’t have it. It’s a matter of personal taste, and there are people that also don’t look for air conditioning as it allows them to have a more economically priced property.

Either way, you need to be aware that air conditioning (and internet) are not an extra, they are simply a requirement. That’s why, whenever it’s possible, we advise installing air conditioning. We would recommend putting it in the bedrooms (one unit per room).

How will it affect the electricity bill? Obviously, the use of air conditioning will be seen on the final electricity bill. But don’t worry it’s very easy to set up its usage schedule. You can limit it to a few hours, for the morning and afternoon or for the hottest hours of the day. The bill won’t shoot up and it will respect the ecosystem.

Location and accessibility

Another key aspect when setting up your property to be more attractive to its clients is its location, both geographically and its access to public transport. We advise that the location of the property be made very clear in the property description. Don’t hide anything, or use ambiguous words. Do not limit yourself by leaving a Google Maps link and saying absolutely nothing in the description. It can be clear and concise using great phrasing. Point out what public transport runs nearby to the location of the property and if private transport tends to run frequently through the area.

If your property is near to a main road, it’s likely to get noise from the outside. At Portvil we advise fencing off or building a perimeter around the property, without closing it in too much and plant trees. The leafier the better. You can also add in small earth mounds. It is also a good idea to install double glazing on all the windows. Especially in the bedrooms. In summer the windows will have to be shut, but that’s why it’s a good idea to install air conditioning.

Contact Portvil, the holiday rental specialists in Mallorca, to help advise you

If you would like more information about what minimum requirements your holiday property in Mallorca needs to have for tourists, such as a complete range of kitchen utensils, household appliances and more; or if you’re unsure whether to refurbish the property in order to let it for holidays, we advise you to contact us and we can help you with everything you might need.


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